Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bikini Bod Snacking: My 6 Current Snacking Obsessions (all around 200 cals!)

Well helloooo there beautiful!

After a week or so of being MIA, dont you worry, don't you worry child -- I'm BACK ;-) Wonder what I was up to? Ohhh just dancing the weekend away under the sunshine and stars at the very best jamboree there is... BMan.. there's just something about hearing your very favorite songs, live, in a big open field with a beer in your hand (yes, even us bikini athletes have to find a way to find balance in life and not forget to enjoy the little things! ;) I will note: this weekend's Bud Light Lime was my FIRST beer of the whole summer!!! Balance, balance, balance. 

Anyways, I've been meaning to put this post together forever now, and am so excited to share some of my absolute fav foods at the mo. These are all super easy, super simple and nice + balanced snack ideas that are great little ideas to have up your sleeve. Short + sweet post for today. Enjoy. 

1 cup 1% cottage cheese topped with ½  cup sliced red grapes
Nutrition: 260 cals | 32g protein | 3g fat | 29g carbs
Why's this snack brilliant? Well... first of all because it  (in a really weird way) kinda reminds me of cheesecake... and well.. come on, we all know that's just awesome! Something about the savory/salty flavor of the cheese, and the sweetness and crunchiness of the grapes.. i just love it! Instead of just eating a full cup of grapes, which are super sweet and pretty high carb, I balance this snack out by adding some protein and 'volume' with the cottage cheese. 

A sliced apple topped with 1 tbsp Maranatha all-natural almond butter + a sprinkle of cinnamon
MMMM... apples + cinnamon = 
Nutrition: 180 cals | 3g protein | 8g fat | 26g carbs
Why's this snack brilliant? Adding cinnamon to this high-carb snack actually helps slows down the whole digestion process. The benefits? Your blood sugar levels jump less than they would have by eating the apple sans cinnamon and you feel full longer :) score!  

2 tomato-basil rice cakes with ½ cup 1% cottage cheese
Nutrition:  200 cals | 18g protein | 5.5g fat | 25g carbs
Why's this snack briliant? This is another one of those "reminds me of" snacks. And it kinda "reminds me of" pizza! Seriously delish... just so very delish. 

2 plain rice cakes topped with 1 tbsp Maranatha all-natural chocolate almond butter + ½ a banana (if you really want a sweet tooth fix, sub the 2 plain cakes for 1 chocolate chip caramel rice cake! ;) hehe)
Nutrition: 215 cals | 5g protein | 9g fat | 32g carbs
Why's this snack briliant? Hollywood has it's power couples, and the world of food has almond butter. Ha ha. Yes, it's really THAT good for you! Not only is it a super-healthy fat, it's also packed with 7g of protein per serving. Protein being a bit more complex than the simple carbs (the rice cakes) takes longer for our body to digest, which is another bonus. Are you noticing a trend here? ha ha! Slow digesting foods are your friend. ;-) 

2 cups watermelon cubes dipped in ½ cup vanilla-flavored greek yogurt 
Nutrition:  215 cals | 12g protein | 2g fat | 38g carbs
Why's this snack briliant? Oh my goodness... my mouth is watering just thinking about this one! Gotta make this explanation quick. Greek yogurt is higher in protein than just regular yogurt, which helps prevent muscle loss, and fills you up. Also, watermelon is a superfood and the vanilla with the melon-y goodness is just unreal... seriously. Schwiiiing! (FYI: nutrition info listed is for Oikos 0%)

A banana sliced down the middle and spread with 1 tbsp Maranatha all-natural almond butter
Nutrition:  145 cals | 3g protein | 8g fat | 18g carbs
Bonus: Pretty much just an upgrade to the classic PB and banana combo... but there's just something so irresistible about the more mild, but creamier flavor of almond butter. Try it try it, try it! You gonna like it. ;) #OBSESSED.

I've got just some regular PB with my banana
here but this picture's from a few months ago.
Although PB and banana is unreal, I
am just absolutely in LOVE with almond butter
right now so I switch the 2 up :) 
Now THAT was a good meal! My little
tomato-basil rice cake thrown into a
dinner... yes. I like it THAT much!

There's definitely plenty of other great, smart options out there that are easily searched up on pinterest, fitness magazine websites like fitnessrxwomen (my fav) and blogs. A healthy, happy lifestyle starts with small changes that become habits, so for the next 7 days, I challenge you all to focus on one small change: commit to yourself to snacking smarter! :-)

Until next time, remember "commitment is staying loyal to what you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in has left you".  

Have a happy, healthy, fit and fabulous week! 
xo Brooke 

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