Monday, July 8, 2013

The World's Most Delicious Salsa Recipe + My Next Fitness Adventure: Mission Hardware 2013

Hot Off The Press :) Today's Special:  A peek into my next fitness adventure + one of my favorite recipes in the WORLD.... Avocado Black Bean Boyfriend Salsa. No.. there’s no boyfriends in this super nutritious and deliciously amazing side,  (hehe) but this was one of mine + my boyfriends-from-the-pasts favorite snack (with a bag of wholegrain Tostitos... holy moly.. yum!) and so it is named. Ha ha! Is that weird? Naming a recipe after an ex? Lol! Ah well.. wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been told I’m a little “special”... ;)

This salsa is super bright and perfect for so many different occasions, so it’s easily one of my favs. I’ve brought it to parties, BBQs and family dinners and I’ve got to say.. it’s one of my most requested recipes of all time. Tons of fresh veggies which are packed with vitamins and minerals, some avocado as the healthy fat, and the black beans to add some fiber and protein, this salsa is a serious HOMERUN! On it’s own, added to salads, or on top of a BBQ’d chicken breast, this salsa will add more flavor and awesomeness than you’ll know what to do with! Promise. :) 

I like it best after it has about an hour for all of the flavors to mix together, but if it’s just too tempting, you can dive right in.. I won’t tell anyone! ;) 

Avocado Black Bean Boyfriend Salsa

½ can black beans, rinsed + drained

1 avocado, pitted + chopped

½ red pepper, chopped

1 yellow bell pepper, chopped

¼ cup chopped banana peppers

½ bunch green onion, chopped

½ cup chopped cilantro

10-20 shakes of franks’ red hot sauce (to your taste)

Juice of 1 lime

Super easy + simple – just chop, mix + enjoy <3

Anyways... enough about boyfriends.. and salsa.. ha ha! Let’s get to the good stuff... Operation Hardware 2013: Muscle Beach Fall Classic. I have officially started my contest prep for my next competition, the Muscle Beach Fall Classic in October... and I am REALLY EXCITED! J In the past, my prep dieting/training has been a bit shorter – a 12 week process, but after talking to my trainer and deciding that if I want to do this show, I am going to bring home some METAL, we’re doing the 16 weeks. Now... a little something about body fat. I am actually starting this prep at the same weight (152 lbs) as my 2012 Muscle Beach prep but last year, I was at around 24% BF and this year, I am starting at 15%. Kinda crazy considering last February I was close to 28%!

My trainers and gym fam have been telling me over and over again that it takes time to get your body to that peak, but me being insanely impatient of course, wouldn’t buy it. My understanding of “it takes time” was “you’re too big or you started with too much fat and you can’t have a perfect body right now”. Ha.. if you’ve ever had more than a 5 minute conversation with me, you’ll quickly realize that I don’t take no for an answer. So, I would keep thinking “I’ll show you, I’ll work 10 times harder than everyone else, and I’ll do it now, I don’t need all that time” – but I’ve finally come to understand that that isn’t what they meant at all. I have now been training (lifting 5 days a week, and cardio 5-7 days/week) and eating clean or dieting with my trainers, Rob and Asha of Excel Fitness and Nutrition, for just over a year now and the changes I have seen in my physique – muscle definition, shape, size, body fat are just unbelievable. Now, starting my contest prep at 15% body fat, and 152 lbs, (my goal stage weight is somewhere under 138 lbs and 12% BF) I finally understand that what they mean by “it takes time” really means that you’ve got to be consistent with your training and over time, your body comp will change. As your “offseason” or “everyday” body comp changes (your body comp is your body’s ratio of fat vs. muscle, and your body weight), your “starting point” for each show or shoot is that much better and therefore, the “package” you bring to the stage is that much better and more improved. Anyways! As are the goods :-)

14 wks out - Muscle Beach 2013 /// 12 wks out - Muscle Beach 2012
Rounded delts, tigher core, tighter legs... yeeeeah buddy!!
Also: I think it's safe to say my posing has improved... lol!
My pics from last year is like a bad mug shot! haha

14 wks out - Muscle Beach 2013 /// 12 wks out - Muscle Beach 2012
Nice + toned up top, smaller waist, tighter, higher glutes and tighter legs ...
What a difference a year of hard work + consistency makes!

Until next time... Here is one of absolute fav mantras for a long run, a tough leg day or KILLER candy cravings....  Repeat this over and over in your head until you believe it - "I will persist, until I succeed" 

Have an amazing and aerobic day you beauties!!!! :-)

xo Brooke

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