Sunday, June 9, 2013

Q + A: The A's to your Q's! Today -- Finding a Workout Plan Online :)

Sabrina asks -- I am joining a gym this week and I was just wondering if you have any websites that have good suggestions for routines or anything like that :) 

You were juuust wondering if I have any suggestions... Ohhh boy oh boy, Sabrina, do I ever! I have so many, that Suggestions could probably be my middle name ;) ha ha Here are some of my favs!

If you are looking for a full, structured plan, I would definitely suggest! You can plug in your starting point (weight, body fat, etc), what physique you're aiming for, and find a nutrition and training plan to follow. One of the most popular ones that I've seen is Jamie Eason's LiveFit training program so I would say that's probably a good place to start! Everyone's going to have a little bit of a different style that they like, so you can peek at a few and see which one you think would be best for you! is this super cool fitchick from Oz who posts wicked 12 min HIIT workouts that will get you sweating STAT -- these would be great to add to a weightlifting plan, as part of your cardio. And the last two - and are just general health and fitness sites that have tons of interesting reads, along with free printable workouts.

Another really great idea, which would be less structured, is just trying random workouts that other fantastically fit chicks have posted. Blogs/personal websites, facebook and instagram are all great places! A great little added bonus is that almost all of these spots will have nutrition tips too! :-) 
Ashley Horner - love this girl! <3

Lori Harder, 2010 Miss Bikini America, 2010 Miss Figure America and 2010 Miss Bikini Universe at 
Brittni Shae, WBFF Pro at 

Brittni Shae, WBFF Pro   @bshaefit
Ashley Horner, WBFF Pro  @ashley_horner 

Now, of course I have to add this little bit in - To be perrrrfectly honest.. you can sprint your ass off, do crunches for hours a day, and glute kickbacks till you puke, but until you commit to a consistently clean diet, you will not see results. ha ha! It really is true what they say - 70 or 80 or 90 or (whatever very high percentage you want to use, lol) of seeing a difference in your body is diet. This is definitely my biggest struggle, I will admit. I truly love to workout - I love lifting, a nice long 14 km run is my go-to stress buster, and sweating buckets in a hot yoga class is my idea of a blissful Sunday. But I ALSO really, really, really love food. Like... level 10/10 in love with food. Given, I really really really enjoy tons of different healthy, nutritious foods, but I also have a major sweet tooth and get a little big of a high off of clean baking (and my best friend having the most amazing, to-die-for clean eating blog definitely doesn't help! haha seriously tho... double chocolate coconut donuts?! #yourekillingmeee!! )

Anyways, a great, consistent workout plan can absolutely transform your body, I will say that. Just keep in mind, there needs to be a commitment to clean eating as well. :) 

Hope this helps, Miss Sabrina, I would love to hear about what you find and how you make out! 

But until then... keep this in mind - "Strength is the product of struggle, you must do what others don't, to achieve what others won't." - Henry Rollins

Have a fit, sweaty and fantastic week!! 

xo Brooke 

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